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Manage workspace members with access to a project
Manage workspace members with access to a project

How to check or modify the workspace members with access to a specific project

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You need to be a workspace owner or manager to change member access permissions.

Check or modify project members from within a project

From the project home page, you can check the workspace members who have access to the project.

From this page, you can manage members:

  • Add existing members if they don't already have access. In the screenshot above, the owner and the manager have access to the project by default.

  • Remove members with a user role.

  • Change user permissions within the project by switching between viewer and editor permissions.

Remember, you can only add existing members to a project. If you need to add a new member, they must first be invited to join the workspace in the workspace member settings.

Modify members from the workspace level

You can add or remove members from a project, as well as change their permissions, in the workspace member settings.

Click on the three dots at the end of a member's row and choose Manage access.

Remove a project from this user by clicking on the trash bin.

Add a project by clicking on +Add projects and choosing the projects you want to add.

Modify their role within a project using the drop-down menu.

Save any changes.

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