What are workspaces and how to use them

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What are workspaces?

A workspace is the space within Oncrawl set aside for all of the projects, settings, users, data, etc. that are part of a single contract (including billing, subscription type, and crawl history information).

  • Subscriptions are attached to workspaces, not to user accounts.

  • Every Oncrawl user has at least one workspace, but some have more than one workspace. This is because workspaces can have many members.

  • Workspaces are different from users. This means that workspace settings are managed separately from a user's account settings.

  • Only projects that are part of the workspace's subscription can be found in the workspace. If a person has access to other projects, they might need to switch to a different workspace (without logging out) to see those other projects.

How to switch to a different workspace

All workspaces you have access to are listed in the workspace menu at the top of the screen. Click on a workspace name to switch to it.

What settings are available at a workspace level?

Workspace settings include:

  • Summary

    • The workspace name

    • Workspace quotas

  • Billing information

    • Subscription information

    • Billing information

    • Payment history

  • Admin

    • Members: Who has access to the workspace

    • FTP Access: Information about access to the Oncrawl FTP server for log analysis

    • Developer settings: API or Looker Studio tokens

    • Verify domain ownership: Add domains on which full crawl options are available Learn more about validating domains

    • Crawler IP Adresses: Find the list of static IP adresses used by Oncrawl in order to greenlist them

Who are workspace members?

In the workspace settings, under Admin click on Members.

Members are users that have access to a workspace.

Each member has their own User Account. The user account includes all of the personal settings and information associated with a user of Oncrawl, including their email, name, and password.

In a workspace, members can have different roles:

  • Owner: Manages the workspace’s data. This includes all content related to members and their actions in a workspace, as well as workspace identity and subscription information. Usually not concerned about the Oncrawl in a day to day basis.

  • Manager: Can add/remove projects, add/remove workspace members and manage which members have access to which projects. They can't remove or manage access for the owner (by default, the owner cannot be removed).

  • User: Collaborates on or views projects in the workspace that the manager has given them access to. As Oncrawl users, even though they don't have their own subscription, they agree to follow the rules associated with their workspace's subscription.

For each project they have access to, members can have different rights, or roles:

  • Editor: Can make changes to existing projects they have access to and launch crawls, but cannot manage project members.

  • Viewer: Can consult crawl reports, but cannot make changes to the project or launch crawls.

How to check your role in the current workspace

The name of the current workspace and your role in it are listed at the top of any screen in the workspace menu:

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