Fill the form to request an API Token

To have access to the OnCrawl API, you must first fill in this form to submit an OAuth2 application.

Form fields details:

  • Email: developer's email address, will be used to communicate about API evolutions, etc.
  • Application name: name displayed to users to identify the application and its usefulness quickly
  • OnCrawl username: name of the OnCrawl account submitting the application (must match the account name in OnCrawl)
  • Application description: text displayed to users to find out what this application is about when they allow access to their OnCrawl account
  • The URL of the application: the logo that has been used for the application. This logo must be accessible from any website and served in HTTPS. Our application displays the resource directly in the browser.
  • Default scopes
    account read: the application can display the user, its subscription, its quotas
    - account write: the application can modify certain user properties
    - project read: the application can list the user's projects / crawls
    - project write: the application can create projects / start / remove crawls
  • Redirect URLs: list of URLs to which the application can redirect the user (the redirect URL is passed by the application during the OAuth flow)
  • Default redirect URL: the default redirect URL is used when not specified by the application during OAuth flow.

Read the doc

The API documentation can be found at this address

Here you will find the essential information you need to start up your application. We have taken care to detail key steps to follow in the implementation of your applications, use cases and details about each exchange parameters between your application and the API.

It provides both a reference documentation, a set of guides and code examples that will help you get started with OnCrawl API.

What is the OQL (OnCrawl Query Language)?
All API requests are being expressed by our OQL, it is an on top layer of Elasticsearch for reporting / queries / live aggregations.

Contact : to get API support

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