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Connecting to your Piano Analytics account
Connecting to your Piano Analytics account

An easy guide to setup a cross-data analysis between Piano Analytics and Oncrawl to access the SEO Impact Report

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Oncrawl has developed a partnership with the Piano Analytics (perviously AT Internet) solution to combine their analytics data with our crawl data. Learn more about how to activate and setup this feature.ย 

Piano Analytics Account Requirements

Oncrawl uses the V3 or Delta version of Piano Analytics. Check the following elements:

  • You need to have access to the API account

  • You need to have specific page-level dimensions enabled on your website. (You'll need to enable URL Event or, if you want to include query strings in your URLs, Full URL Event.) By default, this dimension is not activated on Piano Analytics accounts.

Contact your Piano Analytics Account Manager if one of these requirements is not satisfied.
Please note that activating URL Event or Full URL Event on your website is not retroactive, and will only collect data beginning on the day when you enable it.

Furthermore, you will need to wait for the first Monday following six complete weeks before launching a crawl on Oncrawl to have a complete traffic crossed analysis.

This is because Piano Analytics's provides full weeks (Monday through Sunday) of data; Oncrawl will use six weeks of data for analysis.

Then :

  • Go to your Piano Analytics user profile.

  • To create or verify an API key, go to Profile > API Keys.

  • Follow the steps in the Piano Analytics documentation.

You can see two numbers: ID Site and GUID. Copy them in the Oncrawl interface during the process of creating a data source below.

How to add Piano as a data source

From the project home page, click on Add data sources located next to the Tasks panel.

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Navigate to the Piano tab and click Add a data source.

This will open the Set up a Piano data source window. The first thing to do is create a connection with your Piano account by clicking on Add connected app.

๐Ÿ’ก A connected app refers to a connection (0auth authentification or with a token) between any Oncrawl user account and a third party service such as Piano or Google Analytics.

Now you can create the data source based on this connection.

Select the connected app you just set up and add the site ID from which you want Oncrawl to retrieve the data.

A label is displayed to allow you to provide a more explicit name for your site ID. You'll see this name in the crawl settings when adding Majestic data to a crawl profile.

Oncrawl/Piano Analytics Cross-Analysis Setup

Check the following required points:

  • In the crawl settings, enable the SEO Impact Report. Switch to the Piano Analytics tab and select Enable Piano Analytics cross-data analysis.

Now you will need to choose a data source

  • If you have already created a Piano Analytics data source, you can click on the Data source field to view a drop-down list of the known data sources.

  • If your data source is not already listed in this menu, click on the Add a new source button and follow the process explained in the paragraph How to add Piano as a data source

Indicate the analytics data to be used by selecting your Site ID/Site label. A message at the bottom of this section will confirm that our crawler has access to your data. If there's a problem, we'll let you know here.

You are ready to launch your crawl!

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