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Advanced uses and settings
Advanced uses and settings
11 articles
Link DatasetUnderstanding the information collected by Oncrawl about a website's links
How to use REGEX in OncrawlUse pattern detection in fields to get to the essentials faster. Use regular expressions to create filters (Data Explorer & Segmentations)
Mastering SEO alerts: How to set-up and monitor them with OncrawlLearn how to establish and manage SEO alerts with Oncrawl, monitoring metrics like 404s, redirects, and duplicate titles proactively.
Lucene REGEX Cheat SheetIn this article you'll learn how to use Regex with Oncrawl. This article is based on the Elastic Search Article
Custom dashboardsMake your own dashboards to track key issues in one place
Crawl over crawlA crawl over crawl compares the results of two crawls to show you the impact of your changes or how two sites differ.
Data scraping and custom fieldsData scraping is an option that allows you to analyse a portion of the source code extracted during a crawl using custom fields.
How to crawl a site that uses JavaScriptIf all or part of your website is built using JavaScript (JS), you may need to render pages in order to for a bot to be able to crawl them.
Customize your user-agent in OncrawlLearn how to change the bot identity used to crawl your website.
Getting Started with the Oncrawl APIOncrawl is based on a platform built around an API. Create your own application to request this API very easily. Here's how to do it.
Oncrawl connector for Looker StudioAnswers to your questions about the Oncrawl Looker Studio (ex Data Studio) connector