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What is the Fresh Rank? How is it calculated?
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The Fresh Rank is a metric that has been created by OnCrawl, just like the Inrank. This in-house metric computes the time that a page takes between its first ever crawl by Google and its first SEO visit.

With OnCrawl, you can thus see the average number of days that it takes to your page to receive its first SEO visit, after being crawled by the search engine for the first time.


This indicator is essential as it is closely related to the reputation and the visibility of your website. Indeed, websites with an important visibility and authority tend to have a low FreshRank whereas smaller websites will have a higher one.

Best practices for the Fresh Rank

  • Make sure that all the new pages that you publish on your website are correctly optimised for your SEO so that they can be ranked quickly.

  • Produce fresh, qualitative, engaging and unique content for each new page that you create.

  • Focus on netlinking to enhance the overall visibility of your website.

If you have any questions about FreshRank, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at @OnCrawl_CS

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