Fresh Rank

What is the Fresh Rank? How is it calculated?

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What is Fresh Rank?

The Fresh Rank is a metric that has been created by Oncrawl, just like the Inrank. The goal is to help you track how effective your SEO strategy is in drawing traffic, based on information in your log files.

The Fresh Rank is the average time in days between when Google crawls a page for the first time, and when the page receives its first SEO visit from Google SERPs. It can be used to track pages that are known to search engines, but that don't immediately draw SEO traffic.

Where to find Fresh Rank?

This indicator is shown at the top right of the Log monitoring > SEO impact dashboard.

The Fresh Rank displayed is the average of all pages in the filter for the dashboard. For some sites, if SEO strategies vary strongly from one site section to another, this value may not be pertinent at first glance.

Use the Base filter to focus on a single site section.

You can also look at the Fresh Rank in hours in the Data Explorer for individual pages. Use the dataset for Logs monitoring: Pages.

The Quickfilter for pages with a Fresh Rank of more than 7 days will help spot pages that are slow to draw traffic.

Why is Fresh Rank important?

Fresh Rank is often a key indicator for time-sensitive pages, like news or temporary offers.

Fresh rank is also closely related to the reputation and the visibility of your website. Websites with an important visibility and authority tend to have a lower Fresh Rank for key pages.

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