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How does Oncrawl calculate load time?
How does Oncrawl calculate load time?

This article explores what is load time and how it is calculated in Oncraw.

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What is load time?

Load time is the time it takes to display a web page.

Measuring load time is important in SEO and improving how quickly your pages load can make a difference regarding user experience and page performance. For mobile sites, page speed is also an important ranking factor.

How does Oncrawl measure load time?

Oncrawl measures the TTLB (time to last byte).

This means the time is calculated from the moment our crawler sends the request for the URL and doesn't stop until it has received the last byte of information for the page from your server.

Since information transfer can be affected by distance, you may want to take the following information into account:

  • Our servers are located in Belgium.

  • Our fetchers are geolocated at Google, in Mountain View, CA, USA.

By default, like Google does, our fetchers request pages in their English language version. This affects you if you automatically redirect visitors by language.

Where can you find load time statistics in Oncrawl?

You can find load time statistics in the platform in the Crawl Report, specifically in the Payload dashboard. The dashboard answers the following questions:

  • What is my site's average page load time?

  • How is load time distributed across my entire site?

  • Does load time vary from page group to page group?

  • Does load time vary by page depth?

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