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What are active pages?
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Active pages are pages that generate at least one SEO visit over a given period. As they generate audience from search engines, it is crucial to identify these types of pages on your website.

OnCrawl knows that well and thanks to our crossed analysis, you can combine your crawl data with log analysis. You can discover all your pages, hence the ones present in your website structure and the ones that are not crawled by Google.

OnCrawl also tells you exactly how many active pages are present on your website.

Knowing where your active pages are situated on your website is important and useful to take decisions regarding the optimisation of your website. Some parts of it could be useless without you knowing any of it.

With OnCrawl, you can see the distribution of your active and inactive pages within your groups.

More specifically, OnCrawl also displays the active ratio by group:

Best practices for active pages

  • Be sure to eradicate all duplicate content on your website as they are wrongly receiving SEO traffic.

  • Identify these types of pages when you want to monitor the SEO efficiency of a specific part of your website.

  • Use some of your inactives pages to send link juice to more active ones in order to rank them better in the SERPs.

  • Delete some of your inactive pages and set up 301 redirects that are linked to active pages with the same topic.

If you have any questions about active pages, feel free to drop us a line @OnCrawl_CS

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