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Crawl ratio & unique pages
Crawl ratio & unique pages

How to optimize crawl ratio? What are unique pages?

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The crawl ratio is the ratio of pages crawled by Google among all pages known by Oncrawl and Google.

During the crawl of your website, Oncrawl identifies several types of pages: the number of pages present in your website’s structure, the orphan pages and your active pages. Among these pages, some of them would have been crawled by Google and some by Oncrawl, which would then give a total of known pages, as you can see in the table below.

Oncrawl thus tells you exactly how many pages are present in your structure and how many unique pages were crawled by Google.

Some pages can be crawled by the search engines bots more than once but what matters is that they are crawled in the first place. That is why we call them unique pages. If you click on it, you can have access to these unique pages and see how many times they have been crawled.

With all these information provided, we then compute the crawl ratio. 


Best practices for crawl ratio and unique pages

  • Link all pages that could possibly generate traffic to your website’s structure (like category pages or internal search result pages).

  • Reattach the orphan pages that you have identified and that bring you the most value, to your website structure.

  • Optimise all of your onpage SEO elements to increase your overall visibility.

  • Use tools like Oncrawl to have a better understanding of your website’s behaviour.

By doing so, the pages present in your website’s structure will be better indexed by Google and you will be able to notice an increase in your SEO visits.

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