Crawl frequency

What is crawl frequency? Best practices to crawl frequency?

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What is crawl frequency?

The crawl frequency refers to the number of times that Google visits pages of your website. This number can be linked to the popularity and overall visibility of your website.

Our data

At Oncrawl, thanks to our crossed analysis, you can have access to all the details regarding that crawl frequency. We display the average number of times that Google visits pages per day for your active pages, inactive pages and your orphan pages.

Oncrawl also displays the average Google crawl per day according to the different pages group that you might have set up.

Best practices for crawl frequency

  • Update regularly your website design in order to enhance your crawl frequency.

  • Make sure to publish content and update your website regularly as Googlebots tend to crawl sites based on their activity trends.

  • Optimise your website in order to make it more ‘crawlable’. Thanks to various tools like Oncrawl, you can easily identify areas of improvements in order to make the crawling job easier for search engine bots.

  • Focus on the 3 main ranking factors that have been unveiled by Google earlier this year.

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