Ready to play with OnCrawl? Follow this short step by step guide to optimize your analysis and enjoy all our features. 

  1. Create your project: Name + Start URLs http or https

2. Go to "Add logs" and upload access.log files to our secured FTP: please read our article Log Monitoring Setup Step by Step or Contact-Us for assistance at anytime - Skip this step if you don't have access to your log files

3. Go to "Setup New Crawl" and edit Crawl Settings and Extra Settings (crawl limits, crawl speed, subdomains, sitemaps…)

4. Verify ownership by declaring your Google Analytics account to OnCrawl (if you don’t use Google Analytics please Contact-Us, we will validate your account manually)

5. Ask for "SEO Impact Report" by declaring the detail Google Analytics account / property / view

6. Ask for "Backlinks Reports" if you have a Majestic account, (we offer direct API connection with Majestic) - Skip this step if you don't have a Majestic account

7. Ask for "Crawl over Crawl" to compare 2 crawls (won’t do anything if you've only done 1 crawl)
8. Ask for "Scraping"
to scrape and collect any type of data in your source code, using Xpath or Regex rules

9. Ask for "Data Ingestion" to ingest any third-party data to product cross-analysis (eg. revenue / page)
10. Got to "Launch Crawl" and enjoy :)
You will be notified by email once your crawl is done (could take few hours to few days depending on the size of your website and crawl speed). 

The OnCrawl Team is always happy to help, don't be shy and contact-us thru the Chat Box or by email at anytime, for any question.

Enjoy your crawls!

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