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How to use dashboard templates
How to use dashboard templates

Use dashboard templates to customize your analysis results and easily add new or subject-specific dashboards to your analyses.

Updated over a week ago

Oncrawl provides a list of templates to use as custom dashboards.

From the project page, click on Manage custom dashboards.

On the Manage dashboards screen, click on the Templates tab at the top of the table.

This will show you the list of available templates.

Click on a template to preview the charts included in the dashboard. While previewing a dashboard, you can change the segmentation to get a better idea of how it can help you interpret your data.

Add the dashboard to your reports by clicking on Use this template.

Once you've added the dashboard to your reports, you can find it under the section My reports in the left-hand sidebar when viewing your analysis results.

It will also be added to the list your custom dashboards, on the Manage dashboards page, under the My dashboards tab.

Use the Manage dashboards > My dashboards list to manage, modify, and customize a dashboard you created based on a template, just like you would for any other custom dashboard you create in Oncrawl.

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