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How to use the Oncrawl Discover dashboard template
How to use the Oncrawl Discover dashboard template
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The Oncrawl Google Discover dashboard template analyzes URLs that are featured on Google Disover, and those that receive traffic from this source.

To set up this dashboard, you will need to include data from Google Discover in your analysis. Without this data, the dashboard will appear with no data in the charts:

Obtaining smaller quantities of data from Google Search Console

In the Discover tab of your Google Search Console, select the period of data you want to analyze, and export the results.

This method will export up to 1000 lines (URLs) of Discover data. If you have more than 1000 pages featured in Discover in the period you selected, you will need to use a different method.

Obtaining larger quantities of data from Google Search Console

To obtain more than 1000 lines of data from the Search Console, there are two options:

  • Export impressions, clicks, and CTR through the API

  • In Google Looker Studio, connect the Search Console, and export a table of data containing Discover impressions, clicks, and CTR for the period you are interested in.

Formatting the exported data

Once you have an export of your data, you will need to rename your four columns:

  • url

  • discover-clicks

  • discover-impressions

  • discover-ctr

Then, format the CTR column as numbers. For example, 12% should appear as 0.12.

Save this as a CSV file and then zip it.

Data ingestion in Oncrawl

From the project page go to Data sources > Data ingestion, and import your zipped file.

Make sure:

  • The fields for clicks, impressions, and CTR are validated as "doubles"

  • All the lines in the file are processed

Create a new crawl to ingest this data. In the crawl profile settings, under Analysis > Data ingestion, select your file.

When the crawl is complete, return to the project page. Click on Manage custom dashboards, switch to the Templates tab, and select and use the Google Discover template.

You will need to select the right crawl you just completed to view the preview.

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