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Ranking performance - Data Explorer
Ranking performance - Data Explorer

Exploring Ranking Performance data via the Data Explorer's "Search queries" dataset

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Where to find Ranking Performance data in the Data Explorer

Ranking performance data on queries and performance, like all other data in Oncrawl, can be explored in the Data Explorer.

This data can be found in the Search queries dataset.

Choosing the date range of the Search queries dataset

The dataset is filtered by date, by default the last 45 days. You can change the date range that you are exploring using the date picker at the top of the page.

Exploring the Search queries dataset

Dimensions and metrics

In the Data Explorer, the Search Queries dataset contains two types of information:

  • Dimensions: information that can be used to organize the data set. For example, you can view information for each query in the dataset. Queries are the dimension.

  • Metrics: information available in the dataset for each dimension. For example, you can view the number of clicks for each country. Clicks are a metric.

Some dimensions are not used in Oncrawl dashboards, but can be very interesting to examine in the Data Explorer, such as Search type, which lets you index ranking performance by whether the ranking is for news, image search, web search, etc.

Dimension and metrics are used both in the results table and in the Oncrawl Query Language filters, like this one targeting potential cannibalization in image results:

Displaying results in the Oncrawl platform

Because the search query dataset can be very, very large, only a sample of the query results are shown here, usually the first 5 000 items returned by your filter and sorting options.

Viewing complete results

You can always download the full results by clicking on Export data at the top of the page.

Because of the size of most search query datasets, the export process will run in the background. You can close the informational pop up and leave the page.

The final export will be available in the Download center, in the workspace menu.

When it is finished processing, you will receive a notification and can download the file or files associated with your export from the download center.

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