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Ranking performance - Data Explorer

Using multiple dimensions in the Data Explorer "Queries" dataset

Updated over a week ago

In the Data Explorer, the Search Queries dataset contains two types of information:

  • Dimensions: information that can be used to organize the data set. For example, you can view information for each query in the dataset. Queries are the dimension.

  • Metrics: information available in the dataset for each dimension. For example, you can view the number of clicks for each country. Clicks are a metric.

Some dimensions are not used in Oncrawl dashboards, but can be very interesting to examine in the Data Explorer, such as Search type, which lets you index ranking performance by whether the ranking is for news, image search, web search, etc.

Because the query dataset can be very, very large, only the first several thousand pages are shown here.

You can always download the full results by clicking on Export data at the top of the page.

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