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GA4 Metrics: Understanding them for enhanced data analysis
GA4 Metrics: Understanding them for enhanced data analysis

Harness GA4 metrics in Oncrawl for thorough cross-analysis with crawl data, exploring metrics, reports, and filters.

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Once you have configured Google analytics, you have the possibility or not to include it when setting up a new crawl (see the article: connecting your GA account).

It will allow you to do cross-analyses between oncrawl metrics and google analytics metrics.

For GA4, we provide the following metrics :

  • SEO sessions

  • SEO engaged sessions

  • SEO engagement rate

All these information are represented in the following reports :

  • SEO impact report

  • Social Media report

SEO impact report

In Oncrawl, we provide you a dynamic cross analysis between GA data and crawl data.

By default, we gather 45 days of you data.

The following filters are present in your reports :

  • Segmentation

  • Base Filter

  • Search engine

Here the list of search engines present:

Here are some examples of calculated metrics we provide based on this data:

  • SEO active orphan pages

  • SEO sessions from orphan pages

  • Average SEO engagement rate by word count range

  • Load time evaluation by SEO sessions range

Social media report

You also have the possibility to have cross analyses data between SMO data retrieved from GA.

You can use in Social media report the following filters:

  • Segmentation

  • Base filter

  • Media source

For social media, you have data from the following types of sources:

Here some examples of metrics provided by us:

  • SMO active orphan pages

  • SMO orphan pages, distribution by page group

Data explorer

Once you have clicked on a metric, you will have the list of URLs in your data explorer.

From the Data explorer, you also have additional filters:

  • For SEO metrics:

    • Channel (search engine source)

    • Device

  • For SMO metrics:

    • Channel (social network source)

    • Device

Crawl over Crawl

Data from Universal Analytics and GA4 data are saved as separate fields; you cannot compare a crawl with UA data to a crawl with GA4 data.

The following fields are available in the Comparisons dataset in the Data Explorer when both crawls used in a Crawl over Crawl comparison include GA4 data:

  • Delta of: SEO sessions

  • Delta of: SEO engaged sessions

  • Is same: SEO sessions

  • Is same: SEO engaged sessions

  • SEO sessions

  • SEO engaged sessions

These fields take into account sessions with Google as a search engine.

SEO sessions from other search engines are not included in the Crawl over Crawl calculations.

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