OnCrawl Rankings lets you integrate and combine your Google Search Console to your crawl report and access an additional cross-data report! 

With Search Console integration, you can follow your indexation rate, understand which factors positively or negatively impact your positions and impressions and monitor how crawl budget is spent regarding positions.

How to set up Search Console integration?

Accessing this cross-data analysis is a really simple process. Head to your project home and click sur “Add Data Sources”.

Then, select “Google Search Console”. Here, you can add and connect your Google account to grant OnCrawl the access to your Search Console data. Once connected, OnCrawl Rankings will compute data on a 45-day range.

Then, select “Launch a new crawl” and head to the “Ranking report” tab. Don’t forget to tick the “Enable Google Search Console cross-data analysis” box.

Here, you have the opportunity to choose different views and properties for your website by clicking on “Add websites”.

Filtering and setup options

  • If you choose to add a subdomain from your Search Console that is different from your start URL, be sure to activate the “crawl subdomains parameters” when setting up your new crawl.

  • Website properties. A URL can be found in different properties. If several properties contain identical URLs, OnCrawl will only retain the last value found for a URL.

  • Optional country filtering. You can choose to limit the data in the ranking report to data for specific countries only. We provide you with the list of the top 10 countries that generate the most clicks on your websites to help you out. OnCrawl will collect, aggregate, and display data for the selected countries. (This can't be broken down later.)
    This is optional. If you do not choose a country, your ranking report will be based on worldwide data.

  • Branded keywords. You can choose to flag branded keywords using the “Selected branded keywords” option. We offer suggestions from GSC for the top 150 impression-generating keywords. You can also keywords manually if they don't appear in the list. When viewing the results in the ranking report, you will be able to select filters for branded keywords, non-branded keywords, or all keywords.

Set up your other crawl settings and you are ready to launch your crawl.

If you need assistance to set up OnCrawl Rankings, feel free to use the chat to contact us.

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