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Orphan pages are pages that can’t be found by users as they have no direct links on the website that are pointing to them. Active orphan pages are orphan pages that have received at least one SEO visit.

With OnCrawl, you can study your orphan pages in depth and see the ones that generate any SEO traffic, hence your so-called active orphan pages.

OnCrawl clearly shows how many orphan pages and active orphan pages you have.


It is essential to know how many orphan pages are active, as any page that generates SEO visits could be optimised if attached to the website’s structure.

Best practices for active orphan pages

  • Link all pages that generate traffic to your website’s structure (like category pages or internal search result pages).
  • Reattach the active orphan pages that you have identified and that bring you the most value, to your website structure.
  • Use some of your inactive orphan pages to send link juice to more active ones in order for them to rank better in the SERPs.

If you have any questions about active orphan pages, feel free to drop us a line @OnCrawl_CS

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