What are n-grams? Best practices to n-grams
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N-grams refer to the terms that appear the most on your website.

At OnCrawl, we study the n-grams of your website from 1 to 6. For more clarity, an example of a 1-gram would be a term like ‘games’ and 6-grams would correspond to 6 terms that are ‘choose to bookmark your favorite games’.

OnCrawl then displays your main n-grams and also their frequency.


N-grams can be a reflection of your SEO strategy, as they show the different keywords that you want to rank for. However, it is essential to have an overview of these terms as some random termes could be the ones that appear the most on your website.
N-grams are also very useful for your editorial strategy as you can gain information about your competitors’ n-grams by seeing the different keywords they are ranking for.

Best practices for n-grams

  • Make sure you are not using any type of keyword stuffing strategy as it would reflect badly on your n-grams.

  • On the other hand, establish a proper keyword strategy in order to rank on specific terms.

  • Check regularly your n-grams thanks to a tool like OnCrawl to see if your keyword strategy is appropriate and working properly.


If you have any questions about n-grams, don’t hesitate to ask on @OnCrawl_CS !

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