What are n-grams? Why look at n-grams for SEO?

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N-grams are sequences of words, particularly in digital analyses of text that examine co-occurence and how often terms appear in a set of texts. The "N" refers to the number of words in the sequence.

In Oncrawl, you can look at n-grams in the context of the texts that make up your website. Oncrawl focuses on the sequences of 1-6 words that show up the most often on your website.

An example of 1-grams might be terms like "rug", "sofa", "mattress" and "shipping" on a e-commerce site selling furniture. 2-grams on an employment website might involve city names or common job titles. 5-grams on a news website about technology might include terms like "reviewed by our expert team" or "sign up for our newsletter". Brand names, disclaimers, and other frequently-used terms on your websites will also show up in your top n-grams.

Oncrawl displays your main n-grams along with their frequency.

N-grams for SEO

N-grams can be a reflection of your SEO strategy, as they should include the main site-wide keywords that you want to rank for. N-grams are also very useful for your editorial strategy, because they can also reveal over-used terms and even instance of keyword-stuffing.

In addition, n-grams can reflect the wordiness of your templates, the effectiveness of your branding, or even the area of expertise on your website.

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