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Understanding SEO Visits in Oncrawl
Understanding SEO Visits in Oncrawl

Learn what SEO visits are in Oncrawl and the best practices for increasing them.

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SEO visits are visits that are coming from the search engine result pages, as part of the organic traffic.

Thus, they differ from other types of traffic such as direct traffic, referral traffic and also Pay Per Click traffic.

In Oncrawl, this metric is specifically based on the Log files data.

It is essential to know which sections of your website receive SEO visits and Oncrawl knows that well.

Thanks to our crossed analysis you can merge your crawl and your log analysis data and thus see your SEO visits.

 Oncrawl also tells you exactly how many SEO visits your website has received.

 With our crossed analysis, you can have access to all the details regarding your SEO visits, such as their distribution by depth and by group.

Best practices for SEO visits

  • Always focus on creating and delivering content that will please both your readers and search engines. As we keep repeating your content must be original, qualitative, engaging and unique.

  • Respect Google’s guidelines regarding titles and descriptions, in terms of length, uniqueness and keywords.

  • Demonstrate your expertise through your content and your website. If your readers trust you, so will the search engines.

  • Stay on top of the latest SEO trends. We all know that Google is constantly making changes in its algorithms but also creates new ones every now and then. Follow their lead if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Focus on the optimisation of the pages receiving SEO visits that you have identified in order to increase their SEO potential.

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