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Accessing the OnCrawl connector for Google Data Studio

The OnCrawl connector requires an API key, which is available on your account page if your subscription includes the Data Studio option.

Please note: The Data Studio API key is not the same as the key for the OnCrawl API.

Sending information from OnCrawl to Data Studio

  • Send new analyses to Data Studio as they're created: enable the Data Studio option in the crawl settings. This will automatically connect all future analyses with this profile to Data Studio.
  • Send completed analyses to Data Studio after they've finished: from the list of analyses in a project, click on the three points to open the analysis options. Choose "Send to Data Studio".

What is sent to Data Studio

The following data will be available in Data Studio

  • Data for fetched pages (What is a fetched page?)
  • Data from crawl
  • If connected: data from backlinks, ingestion, and scraping

Where to get help

Please contact us with questions or to report an issue with the OnCrawl Data Studio connector by clicking on the blue chat button at the bottom right of the screen. This button appears if you are logged in to OnCrawl.

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