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How to use segmentation templates
How to use segmentation templates
You can easily create segmentations using templates. Here's how.
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Segmentation templates allow you to automatically create a personalized segmentation in just a few clicks.

Where to find segmentation templates

To use a template, head over to the template library:

  • Click on the "Configure segmentation" button on the project home page or at the top right of any analysis report page.

  • Switch to the "Templates" tab.

You can also find templates by clicking the "Create a new segmentation button" from the segmentation page and choosing the option "Start from a template":

Why are some templates grayed out?

Templates that require data that isn't available in your project can't be used. They'll appear grayed out in the list. You can hover over the "Required information" column to find out what's missing.

To unlock the template based on Google Analytics sessions, you must first connect Google Analytics data to your account.

How to choose a template

You can hover over the "Use case" column to see a description of how the template can help you interpret your analysis results.

Available templates

Current available templates include segmentations based on the following metrics:

  • URL directory structure

  • Analytics sessions

  • Google Search Console impressions

  • Google Search Console clicks

  • Ranking pages

  • Average SERP position

  • Bot hits in log files

  • SEO visits in log files

At the top right, you can filter the list of available templates based on tags (the type of insights the template can help reveal) or based on the type of data required for the template.

Previewing and using a template

You can also preview a template before using it.

Click on the "Configure Segmentation" button on your project home page or on any analysis page to access the Segmentation Explorer.


Then, click on the "Templates" tab.

Click any available template (any template that is not grayed out is available) to preview how it fits your site's data. The page groups in the segmentation will be automatically adjusted to your site. For example, the ranges of number of bot hits in the "Bot hits" template will be based on the actual data for your site.

Add the template to your segmentations by clicking on the "Use this template" button at the top right of the preview screen.

Managing segmentations

Once you've used a template, it is added to your list of segmentations and you can use to it view your analyses.

You can modify the name of the segmentation, the names of its page groups, or even the definition of the groups, just like any other segmentation.

You can use multiple templates, or even use a single template multiple times, modified to capture nuances specific to your particular website.

When viewing any dashboard, switch easily between segmentations using the dropdown menu.

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