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Receive alerts when no new log data is received
Receive alerts when no new log data is received

Oncrawl will alert you by email if we don't have recent, usable data from your logs. Here's how to set up the alerts.

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What kind of alerts will Oncrawl send me?

Oncrawl can alert you to problems in your log monitoring process that prevent you from being able to monitor recent traffic on your website.

We'll let you know when the most recent, useful log monitoring data we have for your site is older than a threshold of your choice.

"Useful" data refers to log lines that reference organic visits (hits with a search engine referrer) or search engine bot hits.

You can see how long ago your most recent useful event was in the Live Log report:

If this number is above the threshold you defined when setting up an alert, we'll send you an email with the information you need in order to look into the issue and get it solved as quickly as possible.

How can I set up or modify the alerts?

When setting up log monitoring

If you are setting up log monitoring for the first time, you can set up notifications as part of the process.

From the project home page, click on Add data sources, check that you are on the Add logs tab, and scroll down to the notification section.

You can modify the threshold at any time or turn alerting off. If you've turned it off, it can be set up again whenever you'd like.

At any time

You can set up or modify the alert at any time from the same page.

Or, from the Log Manager Tools click on the Configure notifications button at the top right of the page.

What thresholds can I set?

If alerts are enabled, you'll be alerted if your most recent, useful log monitoring data is older than the threshold you set.

You can set this threshold to any amount of time between 2 hours and 30 days, depending on how you provide log data to Oncrawl, and how often you provide it.

Pick a threshold that is longer than the usual times you see as the Last event received metric in the Live Log report. Here are a few examples of recommended thresholds:

  • You upload your log files manually every working day, but not on weekends: 3 days

  • You use a script that uploads your log files twice a day, and you frequently see that your most recent event is 15 hours old: 18-24 hours

  • You use a connector that updates your log monitoring every 4-6 hours: 7 hours

  • You've set up automatic retrieval of new data for live log monitoring: 3 hours

  • During a critical period such as a site migration with intensive live log monitoring, you upload log files every hour or so throughout the day: 2 hours during this period, then change the threshold back to its usual value.

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