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[Tutorial] How to connect external data in OnCrawl
[Tutorial] How to connect external data in OnCrawl
See how to connect external accounts like Google Search Console to use that data in OnCrawl
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Video Transcription

Welcome to OnCrawl's Getting Started Tutorials. Today we're going to look at how to connect external data to a crawl. We'll be using a Google Search Console account, but the principle is the same for any other service.

From your project home page, additional data sources can be connected--and managed--here.

Each tab allows you to set up a different type of data connection :

  • Log files

  • CSV files

  • URL lists

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Search Console

  • And Adobe Analytics

You can also set up these--and more--directly from the crawl set up screen.

All additional data is added under the Analysis section.

Expand "Ranking Report" for the Search Console settings.

Additional data sources require an advanced project. When you begin to add one, you'll be asked to upgrade your project.

In the drop-down, you have a list of existing connected accounts. To add a new one, click "Add Google Account"

Make sure you allow pop-ups, as this opens a new window.

Choose your account, accept, and then find it in the list.

You may have access to more than one website in the Search Console. Choose the website (or websites) that correspond to this crawl.

When looking at reports, you can filter out branded keywords in OnCrawl. This is optional. Here's a list of your top 150 keywords; select any that you want to classify as branded.

[Note: you can also optionally select the countries you want to focus on. To help you out, we've listed the top 10 by number of clicks at the top of the selector. If you choose to select countries, OnCrawl will only look at Search Console data for those countries.]

If you've made a mistake or change your mind, you can remove elements here.

And that's it! Don't forget to save your profile, or save and launch a crawl.

Questions? Reach out to us from the OnCrawl interface by clicking on the blue Intercom button at the bottom of the screen, or tweet to us at OnCrawl_CS.

See you next time!

Until then, happy crawling.

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