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[Tutorial] How to share a project in OnCrawl
[Tutorial] How to share a project in OnCrawl
You might want to share a project with coworkers or clients. Here's how.
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Welcome to OnCrawl's Getting Started Tutorials. Today we're going to share a project with coworkers or clients.

In OnCrawl, the unit that is shared is the project itself, so this is an option that is available from the project home page.

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen and choose "Share project"

To share the project with someone, enter their email address and click "Invite user."

This person does not have to be an OnCrawl user. But to keep your data safe, we'll notify them and provide them with a login and password that they will need to access your data.

This adds your collaborator or client in read-only mode. They can view the data in the project, but they can't make any changes.

You can change that by ticking this box before adding them… or by changing their permissions at any time, here. We'll notify them of the change.

If this person no longer needs access to the project, it's easy to remove them. Again, we'll let them know so that they can get in touch with you if they still needed access.

OnCrawl makes it easy to share your projects securely, and with as many people as you need.

Questions? Reach out to us from the OnCrawl interface by clicking on the blue Intercom button at the bottom of the screen, or tweet to us at OnCrawl_CS.

See you next time!

Until then, happy crawling.

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