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Tutorial: How to monitor your main tags' performances with OnCrawl
Tutorial: How to monitor your main tags' performances with OnCrawl

Discover how to monitor your meta tags and Hn performances using OnCrawl. A complete guide about what OnCrawl is analyzing.

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Video transcript

Welcome everyone.

This video is going to focus on your main tags monitoring.

We have developed our tool with regards to the Google Guidelines. So we know for instance that your title length should not be longer than 70 characters. So that's why here you can easily spot too long titles.

So if you click on this specific area, you will know which URLs are concerned. You will know which titles are too long and which ones to optimize.

So if you go back you can also know which are the perfect length between 50-60 characters.

The same goes for your title evaluation. We know that Google is analyzing duplicate content, That's why you can easily check if you have any duplicated titles in your website. So again, if you click on the chart, you will know which URLs are regarded as duplicated.

The same goes for the description. Google is not displaying descriptions that are longer that 170 characters. So you can know which ones are too long, and which ones you should optimize and write to be the perfect size, which is between 135-150 characters.

You can also know if you have any duplicated descriptions on your website, or if you have unique, and so well-optimized desciptions.

We also focus on your HTML quality. You can know if you have pages with no H1, which is not recommended. So you can know which pages are well-optimized. You can know if your H1s are unique or duplicated, or if you have not set any H1 on your pages.

And finally, you can also check your H2 on your website. You can know which pages have exactly one H2 tag on the page, if you have no H2, if you have more than ten H2 tags on your pages.

So that's it. Now you can easily optimize your main tags' performance and increase your SEO.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a tweet or message (or click the blue Intercom button at the bottom right of your screen) and we'll be very happy to help you.

Thanks, guys, for watching! Bye-bye.

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