OnCrawl and the GDPR
Data protection and privacy for personal data. Where is data hosted? What data is collected? Can you refuse to give OnCrawl personal data?
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The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) concerns personal data that is processed by companies that do business in the European Union. Personal data includes names, addresses, non-generic email addresses, IP addresses, and any other information that can be used to identify an individual.

Data collected by the OnCrawl application

If you use our Log Monitoring feature, the OnCrawl application handles personal data in the form of the IP addresses of visitors to your website. This information is required in order to distinguish reliably between Googlebots and other visitors.

IP addresses are not stored in the OnCrawl application. This data only exists in the original file that you upload to your private, secure FTP.

The raw data used is deleted after being filtered and the results have been imported into the OnCrawl application. The original file remains in your private FTP space.

Any data other than crawl data that you provide us is stored in a private FTP space associated with your account, and is isolated and protected. We do not process this data in any way except to identify types of visitors to your webpages and to provide the anonymous, aggregated results you see in the OnCrawl application.

What do we do with personal data (IP addresses)?

  • We perform operations to aggregate the data you provide in order to visualize it. We use this data to give you a detailed view of how your website is structured and of the behavior of search engines as they index a website that they visit.

    This allows you to identify the technical factors that help or hinder indexation of pages of a website by search engines.

  • We use personal data (IP addresses) to authenticate the visits by Google's crawlers on the pages of a website. We use the method recommended by Google on their support page about verifying their bots.

What if you don't want to share personal information (IP addresses) with OnCrawl?

You can choose not to provide OnCrawl with personal data.

  • How to do it: Remove IP addresses from your server logs before uploading them to your FTP account.

  • What's the risk: This may have an impact on the reliability of the data from your log files: without IP addresses, we may incorrectly identify some visitors as bots even though they aren't.

Data hosting

All of the data in OnCrawl is hosted in Belgium, within the European Union.

We do not transfer any personal data collected with OnCrawl outside of the European Union.

Data associated with your account

Certain personal data associated with your account are required by OnCrawl in order to provide the service to you.

Only appropriate OnCrawl team members have access to this data using secure, personal account credentials.

Support: chat service and knowledge base statistics

If you use the Intercom service available on our website and in the OnCrawl application to chat with our team or ask questions, we use information about you in order to know who your are and to answer your questions. This information can be information provided by your browser through a tracker on our website, or information you choose to provide in your Intercom profile, if you have one.

We collect the most frequent questions in order to add to the available help content and to improve your experience with OnCrawl.

We also maintain a history of conversations in order to improve training for our team members, to improve the quality of answers we provide to you and to other clients, and to keep you updated when new information related to a question you asked becomes available.

Account information

When you sign up for a plan, we ask you for information required for billing. This information is only used for that purpose. We do not share this information with anyone or use it for anything else.

Our team members are bound by confidentiality agreements and receive training on data protection issues. Access to personal data by our team is restricted, and all access by authorized team members is via protected, individual accounts.

Data Processing Agreements (DPAs)

For our clients who do business within Europe and who provide personal data for us to process (such as server logs for use with OnCrawl Log Monitoring), we offer a Data Protection Agreement. This document clearly states our responsibilities as sub-processors and the responsibilities of our clients with regards to the personal data they provide us. Both we and you agree to uphold these responsibilities and to follow the guidelines in the document. 

Where to find more information

If you need more information about our GDPR policy actions, you can reach us using the blue Intercom chat button at the bottom right of the page, or via email at hello@oncrawl.com.

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