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What IPs does Oncrawl use to crawl a website?
What IPs does Oncrawl use to crawl a website?

Oncrawl's crawler users a series of different IP addresses to crawl websites. You can greenlist these IP addresses if necessary.

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Oncrawl uses a fixed number of static IP addresses to craw websites.

If your website uses security measures to block malicious or unknown bots, you may need to greenlist the Oncrawl IP addresses in order to crawl your site.

We use the following IP addresses based in the EU (Belgium):




as well as the following US-based IP addresses:




By default, crawls use only the EU-based IP addresses. If your site requires a US-based crawl set-up, please contact us via the chat so that we can set that up for you.

This list of the IP addresses that Oncrawl uses to crawl your site is also available in the application.

Finding the list of of IP addresses used by Oncrawl

  1. From the project home page, click "+ Set up new crawl" to go to the crawl settings page.

  2. Click on "Show extra settings" to make the extra settings visible.

  3. Scroll down to "Crawler IP Addresses" under "Extra settings".  Click on this section to expand it.

  4. When the "Use static IP addresses" checkbox, you should see the list of IP addresses in the box below.

You will need to add all of these IP addresses to your website's greenlist.

Going further

If you still have questions, drop us a line at @oncrawl_cs or click on the Intercom button at the bottom right of your screen to start a chat with us.

Happy crawling!

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