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Archived crawls and how to un-archive them
Archived crawls and how to un-archive them

Oncrawl archives old crawls. The data's still there. Here's how to unarchive all or part of an archived crawl.

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To optimize space and processing power, Oncrawl archives old crawls. After a month of inactivity, crawls are partially archived: we archive only internal link information. Later, if the data is still inactive, we archive all of the crawl information.

You can undo this at any time if you need to consult an old crawl.

How to tell if your crawl is archived

If your crawl data is archived, you will see the mention Archived in the Availability column for that crawl in the list of Crawl Reports on your project home page. The Show analysis button will be missing for this crawl.

If the data for the most recent crawl in your project are archived, you'll can tell from the project card in the list of projects. At the bottom right where you normally see the number of pages crawled, you'll see the mention Archived.

Unarchiving crawl data

Open your project. On the project home page, scroll down to the crawl reports, and to the line for the crawl you want to unarchive.

Click on the three dots that indicate the crawl menu and choose either:

  • Un-archive all: unarchive the entire crawl. This may take a few minutes.

  • Un-archive all but links (fast): partially unarchive the crawl, but leave the internal link data archived. This is much faster.

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