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What are compliant pages?
What are compliant pages?

OnCrawl has a page categorization feature that allows you to understand which pages can be indexed and which ones cannot

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The "Compliant Pages" respond to pages that OnCrawl consider as indexable and which return a 200 OK status code. They respect conditions defined by Google and they will not be regarded as non-indexable.

Conditions to be defined as compliant

“Compliant pages" are not:

  • pages denied by robots.txt

  • pages that do not have no-index meta robots

  • pages that are neither 30x redirects nor 40x errors

  • pages that do not point to a different canonical from the page URL

"Compliant pages" are pages that can be saved in the Google index because they do not succeed in any previous conditions.

Thanks to OnCrawl, you will be able to check if all your pages that are supposed to rank and create traffic are properly classified in the "Compliant pages" pool. Otherwise, you will be able to use OnCrawl to detect errors in the indexing directives returned to search engines.

To see the list of pages in each category and check the URLs, you can click on each column of the "Pages by state of indexation" graph. This graph is available from your Crawl Report > Indexability >What is indexable. By clicking on the “Pages by state of indexation" graph, you can land on a a pre-filtered Data Explorer for each group.

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