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How to quickly scan and analyze a list of URLs?
How to quickly scan and analyze a list of URLs?

Sometimes you may need to analyze a more or less important list of URLs without browsing the entire site. Here is how to proceed.

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Analyzing a list of pages as quickly as possible is here your main goal. Here are some good practices for quickly carrying out this analysis.

In the crawl configuration, you can add more than one starting url.

Step by steps guide

  • Create a new crawl settings 

  • In the start URL area, add the first URL

  • Click on the button "Add start URL"- at the bottom right of this section

  • Paste your URLs (you can paste up to 5000 URLs)

  • Specify a maximum depth of 1 (not to crawl the site but only those urls)

  • Disable Off-site cross-analysis (Google Analytics) to save processing time

  • Launch the crawl 

At the end of the crawl you will have an analysis report focusing on the requested URLs.

Use cases:

  • Crawl AMP URLs - which are normally not linked to your site structure

  • Check a redirection plan on a daily basis

  • Validate the evolution of the technical quality of your priority URLs or templates models

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