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Why does my report only contain one URL?
Why does my report only contain one URL?

What to do if your crawl results yield an analysis with only one URL.

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Sometimes your crawl report will only contain one URL. Don't worry: this doesn't mean it didn't work.

Usually, this is because we've found something you can fix to see a major improvement in how Google sees your site.

Typically, if you only see one page in your results, it's because of a canonical or an indexation issue in which all (or all but one) of your pages tell a bot not to crawl it.

How to figure out why you only see one URL

To find the exact issue, it's best to use the Data Explorer. You can find the Data Explorer from the crawl results page. Click on "Tools" in the sidebar, then on "Data explorer".

Use the OnCrawl Query Language to search for:

Is indexable - is - true

If all (or most) of your pages are non-indexable, you'll have no (or only a few) results.

Now change the OnCrawl Query Language search to:

Is indexable - is - false

If you now have a long list of pages, you've found your problem.

How to fix it

You'll want to make your pages indexable. We can help you figure out what you need to change for each page.

Find out why your pages are not indexable

Using the results you obtained for the "Is indexable - is - false" search, you can either click on the URL for a detailed analysis, or add columns to view possible reasons that a page might not be indexed. This might include columns for:

  • Meta robots: forbidding bots in the meta declarations in the page HTML will prevent a page from being indexed 

  • Denied by robots.txt: forbidding bots via the robots.txt file will prevent a page from being indexed

  • Canonical evaluation: a non-matching canonical declaration will prevent a page from being indexed

  • Status code: pages with 5xx, 4xx and 3xx status codes are not crawled, and therefore not indexed

You can add columns by clicking the "Add columns" button and typing the name of the column you're looking for.

Make your pages indexable

When you know why your pages aren't being indexed, you'll need to make changes to your website in order to allow pages to be crawled.

Once you've made these changes, run another crawl.

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