Video transcription

Hi guys! I'm pretty glad to [tell] you we just reased our chrome extension.

If you just click on it, you will access a global score of your SEO performances where if you click on the indexability, you have further details about your meta robots, for instance.

You also have access to your HTML tags: your main tags, your tag duplication, your Open Graph, and your Twitter cards preferences.

You also have access to feedback about your Editorial Insights, so you can check your wordcount, your structured data, your main n-grams (and filter them by number of n-grams), and you also have data about your similar content.

We also have integrated data about your architecture, you inlinks, your outlinks, and your anchors.

And finally, information about your performance.

And we also have integrated a very nice feature which allows you highlight specific parts of your website. For instance if you want to know if you have links in follow or nofollow, if you have internal/external links, structured data, etc, you can still close the extension and see it for yourself.

And then if you click, for instance, here, and you want to see your full reports, to see all your SEO performance, you can click "See OnCrawl Report". You just need to have previously crawled this website to access this data. You will see your URL details where you have all of your SEO onsite performance information.

So thanks, guys, for watching. I hope you will enjoy using it!

If you need more details or information, don't hesitate to send us an email or tweet (or click on the blue Intercom chat button at the bottom right of your page) and we'll be very happy to help.

Thanks, guys, for watching. See you in the next video!

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