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Welcome, everyone. This video is going to focus on how to optimize your website performances.

At OnCrawl we know that good load time can really improve your traffic and your user experience, which is regarded as a ranking factor by Google. That's why a bad load time or a bad page speed performance can really damage your SEO. With this data you will easily able to improve your load time performance.

You can know if you have any slow pages in your website, your average load time, data about your load time performance. You can know which pages are loaded perfectly, which pages are regarded as too slow (which is over two seconds).

If you click on the specific chart, you will know which pages are concerned. You will know what is the load time, and the size.

If you go back, you also have data about your page size distribution. You can know whether it's perfect, too large, medium, etc.

You also have data about your load time distribution by page depth, so you can know where your load time is increasing in your page depth.

And the same goes for the page size distribution.

And finally, you also have insights about your status codes performances. So you can know if you have any 404 errors or over 500 errors on your website which can really decrease your SEO performances and your rankings.

So if you're looking for any errors, you can just click on the right area and you will know which of your URLs are regarded as 404 and you will be able to correct that issue.

So here it is. Now that you have those insights, you will be able to easily improve your performances and your load time on your website.

If you have any further questions or inquiries, feel free to send us a tweet or an email (or click the blue Intercom chat button at the bottom right of your page) and we'll be very happy to help you.

Thanks, guys, for watching! Bye-bye.

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